This is Chandler Johnson from Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.  And he just graduated from college.  A lot of folks do that, right?  Well, guess what?  He graduated college BEFORE he graduated from high school.

Chandler Johnson/Facebook

Yes!  Chandler is a senior at Muhlenberg County High School and will officially graduate on Thursday, May 26th at Mustang Stadium.  That's already an impressive achievement.  But think about this.  Most kids graduate from high school then head off to college. But not Chandler.  He's already done that.  Earlier this week, Chandler officially graduated from Madisonville Community College.

I guess we should wish Chandler luck in whatever comes next.  But, with this kind of dedication and intellect, he's not going to need it.  This Muhlenberg County Mustang is off to the races.