I know I should get out more, but lately I've noticed two landmarks in Owensboro that are, at least to me, a mystery.

Exhibit A:


As I was walking in Legion Park Monday, I noticed this space. Okay, I've noticed it lots of times, but what was it/is it for? It could be something as simple as a turnaround? Or, was it a monument space at one time? As you know, just to the right of this space is a covered picnic area in the northeast corner of the park.

Exhibit B:


Now this is something I never noticed until driving down Carter Road a couple of weeks ago. On Monday, I snapped a pic of it as my Mom was driving on the bypass. I think it had a sign in front of it when I saw it from the other side, but I can't remember what it said. Since the airport is nearby, perhaps it's an implement for the facility, or it's a marker of something in progress. I think it looks kind of neat, like an embedded space needle.

Can anyone help me out?