I am a self-proclaimed terrible gift giver, but even I know this may come across the wrong way, ha! The Bronx Zoo is giving you the chance to give your someone special the gift of naming a cockroach after them! Yep, you read that right, ha! Now, I don't have anyone to get a Valentine's gift for this year, but I can think of a few past mistakes that I wouldn't mind giving this to, ha!

Get ready for Valentine’s Day and Name a Roach after your special someone. Don’t miss the chance to sweeten the deal...

Posted by Bronx Zoo on Thursday, January 28, 2016

Ha! How awesome is that? This is actually a fundraiser that the zoo puts on for these "misunderstood love bugs" and other animals at the zoo.

You know what, I've changed my mind about this. I would love for a cockroach to be named after me! And, for only $10, you can name one of the thousands of nameless Madagascar hissing cockroaches at the Bronx Zoo! They'll even send you a digital certificate to document this big event.

And just like that, I've helped you with your Valentine's Day gift! You're welcome, ha!

For more info, click HERE.

This could be yours...

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