We’re only about three weeks away from the tax deadline, and as many of you continue to prep and file your taxes, you may be doing so with the aid of computer software. TurboTax is one such tax preparation software. Your BBB® wants consumers using this product to know that scammers have been sending out phishing emails that claim to be from TurboTax.

According to TurboTax’s website, one of the more recent versions has the subject line “Important Privacy Changes.” It proceeds to tell you that TurboTax will begin to share some of your information (name, address and total income) with their partners unless you opt out within 24 hours of receiving the notice.  This email includes a large “Opt Out Now” link.

Don’t fall for it. According to TurboTax, this email is fake. If the link is clicked on, you will download keylogger malware onto your computer or phone.  While it may not appear to outwardly affect the functionality of your computer or phone, keylogger malware is a type of spyware that can capture all of the keystrokes made on your computer so the next time you log in to your bank account, Facebook page, email or anything else that requires a password, the scammer will be able to pick up on your password and gain access to any information on those sites.

Click here to learn what to do if you receive this email and get tips on avoiding other phishing emails.