It's tax season.  And while that's not always the best news, there's some good news from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.  A new service makes is easy for taxpayers to find out how much property tax they paid the year before.  That's right.  It'll save you a trip to your local County Clerk's office.

Daviess County Fiscal Court/Facebook
For this tax year, Kentucky's Transportation Cabinet has introduced a feature on its new website that allows taxpayers to view what they paid in property taxes last year without having to visit the County Clerk's Office (this is important for income tax filings).
The website is and on the homepage, you can find several services now offered online.  Those services include, towards the bottom of the page on the right-hand side, the option "Look up Your Vehicle Tax Paid in 2015". 
The customer only needs to have their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) which they can find on their insurance card, vehicle registration, renewal notice, or on the windshield of the car itself.  After entering the VIN, the taxpayer will see what they paid in taxes last year.  If nothing comes up, the taxpayer did not pay 2015 property taxes on their vehicle; this is more than likely due to the fact they purchased the vehicle last year and will not pay property taxes until this year.  Many customers get confused between usage tax, the 6% tax you pay when you buy a vehicle, and property tax which you pay each year after you own the vehicle.
The website offers many other online services as well, but this one is important this time of year.  Tax season is upon us and this can be a useful tool.  It will save time and allow citizens to avoid an unnecessary trip to the County Clerk's Office just to get information that is readily available to them online.