We have all noticed that fuel prices have been going down across America and it seems that they may be even lower as the price for a barrel of oil has fallen below $30!!  This is good news for us and we could expect fuel prices to get even lower.  

The price per barrel was briefly just under $30 dollars and it hasn't been this low since years end of 2003.

There are lots of projections that say it could get even lower.  Perhaps down to twenty dollars per barrel and some even say that it could fall to ten dollars.  With this of course comes cheaper gas prices!!  PRAISE!!

In some parts of the Tri-State gas prices have been seen in the low $1.70 range and back in 2003 that is pretty much how much a gallon cost.

According to the app Gas Buddy it is currently even lower than that!

  • Sams Club, Frederica:      $1.64
  • Marathon, Parrish Ave:     $1.67
  • Kroger, Starlite Drive:        $1.67
  • Country Mark, Carter:       $1.67
  • Eagles, Parrish Ave:          $1.67

Here's to cheap gas prices!!!