Are you a foodie? If so, are you particularly interested in what certain regions have to offer. How about an entire freakin' Commonwealth?

Well, then, have I got a list for YOU!

Eleven Kentucky restaurants have been singled out as ones to visit before you die.

There's one from Owensboro on the list.

Oddly enough, it's not the one I've visited and I clearly must correct that.

In addition to Owensboro, I see Harrodsburg, Lexington, Louisville, Henderson, and even Pikeville (that's a haul) on this list.

I see something called Yellow-Leg Fried Chicken and something else called Kentucky Yaki Salmon.

What's a Yaki?

I see comfort food. I see gourmet.

I see a road trip.

You get the idea. Well, you WILL once you click here.