There has been no recent contact between the City of Owensboro and Evansville Icemen/Owensboro Icemen team owner Ron Geary.

And there's a contract deadline fast approaching. It's about three weeks away.

AND, if the Icemen do not make their home in Owensboro, there will be HUGE management issues for the historic venue with regards to the Owensboro Mavericks, not to mention Kentucky Wesleyan College and Owensboro Catholic High School, who play basketball there.

You never want to be left in the lurch, and, as 14News/WFIE's Shaelie Clark reports via WAVE3 in Louisville, Owensboro doesn't either so the city has a backup plan.

And that backup plan is named Spectra, as in the company that oversees the Owensboro Convention Center.

Spectra will step in and take over October 1st, should Geary decide not to come to Owensboro with his hockey team.

So now, we're in limbo until the city hears from Ron Geary. News, Weather & Sports