I remember the day Trey Mauzy was born. His mom, Katie is my best friend and I couldn't wait to meet him. I also remember when Katie called to tell me that Trey was having medical issues and all that ensued after. Katie and Trey have been through so much together and as an outsider witnessing all that the family has tackled, I am often amazed at Katie's endurance and strength. She's a single mother to a boy who is not only blind but cognitively delayed. She left behind her entire support system of friends and family to move to Louisville so that Trey could attend the Kentucky School for the Blind where he thrived.

Now, Katie and several other worried parents are facing a new battle. Last year, the new administration at the KSB began the process of eliminating services for cognitively delayed students and forcing them to attend schools that specialize in autism even though there were no services for the blind and no one to teach them blind life skills or educational foundations.

Katie now advocates for The Alice Cogswell and Anne Sullivan Macy Act (H.R. 3535) which will reform the education of deaf, hard of hearing, blind, visually impaired, and deaf blind students. Watch the video below about Trey's journey. Then, help Trey and his friends by visiting http://ceasd.org/child-first/alice-com and contacting your political representative today!