A legendary Owensboro barbecue joint appears on a list of 12 unbeatable Kentucky barbecue joints.

I tell you what. After looking over this list, I realize I've been to several of these places and they are the worth the drive.

And honestly, in some of these cases, it's not much of a drive.

Let's see, I've been to Thomason's in Henderson, the Smokey Pig in Bowling Green (which has been there FORever) and Roy's in Russellville.

And of course our very own Moonlite.

I would, however, expand the list to include all the rest of the Owensboro barbecue places because, I mean, come on...

I'd also add the incomparable Split Tree BBQ in Alvaton, just south of Bowling Green. Mmmm, I can taste that House Special now.

And I noticed something. With a couple of exceptions, most of these restaurants are in WESTERN Kentucky. Coincidence? I think not.

Click here for the complete list and prepare your mouth for watering.