Everyone knows that Lassie lead rescuers to Timmy when he fell down the well, but he was a dog on a TV show that was just following orders. Those things don't happen in real life, do they?

Actually, they do. An Owensboro dog saved the life of a little boy last week and his family can't thank him enough.

Owensboro native, Jim Chandler posted this to Facebook,

Ok since I can breathe for a minute I'd like to let everyone know Matthew was in a 4 wheeler accident today, he was unresponsive when I found him but through the day he has continued to improve. He goes for a second CT scan in 30 minutes and we are optimistic. It was the scariest thing I've ever encountered, and thanks to Percy I was able to get to him in time. I'm blessed beyond belief with an amazing dog and amazingly strong children. Thank you to everyone that has prayed for Matthew and those that stopped by the hospital! Thanks to Nicole Chandler for her quick actions getting the ambulance there so fast. We are very lucky to be where we are.

Chandler Family

Percy is the family's 6-month-old Boxer. When Jim's son, Matthew, accidentally wrecked an ATV, Jim didn't know how to get to his son.

Jim told me, "He kept running back and forth until I followed him. When I went toward him he ran to Matthew and laid beside him and barked until I got to him. I've always been skeptical of those type of things and if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I wouldn't have believed it. I truly believe he saved Matthew's life."

Matthew escaped with only a few bruises from the 4-wheeler laying on top of him which is remarkable because when Jim found him, Matthew wasn't breathing and barely had a pulse. Thanks to the heroic actions of the pup, this young man has many more days ahead of him.

Chandler Family

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