I was over at my mother's house recently and we were going through a bunch of stuff in her attic.  And we stumbled across two prints that my stepfather, Allan Quinn, had.  They're amazing pencil drawings of Settle Memorial United Methodist and Yellow Creek Baptist Church.  Check them out.

Here's the drawing of Settle Memorial.  The detail is astonishing.

And the same can be said for this drawing of Yellow Creek Baptist.

Oddly, we don't know much about the origin of the prints.  They used to hang in our house.  I know that much.  And they were drawn by Gary Adelman.  But I have no idea who that is . . . if he's from Owensboro, if he was an artist by trade, how we ended with up the drawings, etc.  But, they're really cool, right?

I grew up living next to Yellow Creek Baptist which, admittedly, looks a lot different today.  And, we grew up attending Settle Memorial United Methodist.  So, I understand the significance of each print to my family.  I just need a little help in solving the mystery behind them.  Anyone?  We have researched, scoured the internet for clues and even contacted a local historian.  But we turned up no leads really.  I'm curious.  Does anyone out there have a clue where these things came from?