Your BBB® has written about lottery scams before, but this scam throws in an added “psychic” element. According to the U.S. Justice Department’s (DOJ) initial complaint, individuals and entities were alleged to be running two related predatory multimillion-dollar mail fraud schemes.

The defendants, according to the complaint, sent solicitation letters “purportedly written by world-renowned psychics to consumers through the U.S. mail.  The first scheme, operated by Destiny Research Center and the Canadian company Infogest Direct Marketing, sent direct mail solicitations allegedly written by psychics Maria Duval and Patrick Guerin.  The second scheme, operated by Christine Moussu through New York companies CLGE Inc. and I.D. Marketing Solutions Inc., sent direct mail solicitations allegedly written by psychics David Phild, Sandra Rochefort, Antonia Donera and Nicholas Chakan.”

In the complaint, the DOJ alleged that the letters sent by the defendants claimed that the psychics had a specific, personalized vision or psychic reading revealing that the recipient of the letter had the opportunity to achieve great wealth, including claims of winning millions in the lottery.

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