Okay!  This has to be a hoax, right?  Please tell me this is a hoax!  We saw this photo circulating on Facebook this morning with the caption "This picture was taken in Rough River in Kentucky yesterday." Naturally, we were horrified!  But is it a real photo??


Here's the good news!  We did some research and discovered this photo was NOT taken in Rough River.  It dates back a few years and has been circling Facebook in other areas of the country as well.  Here's an example of another town and river it allegedly surfaced in.  It was spotted in Oberlin, Louisiana in the Whiskey Chitto River back in 2012.

So, the good news.  This is apparently a fake . . . at least the Rough River part of it.  That said, I am not going swimming in the Whiskey Chitto River anytime soon.