Allison Clark is the owner of GypsySoul a holistic business that offers Salt therapy, holistic skin care, facials & make up and so much more! My favorite part of her store is the Salt Cave!

Allison explained that Salt Therapy was first discovered in the 18th century by Polish health official named Felix Botchkowski. He found that miners in Poland had not experienced lung-related ailments such as asthma, pneumonia or chronic bronchitis.

Since this time salt therapy has been used for the treatment of respiratory diseases, as well as skin diseases, utilizing salt-rich air in underground caves.Natural salt microns and ions have been proven effective in calming and agitated respiratory tract. Salt has a natural anti-inflammatory effect; it reduces swelling and edema in the air passages, making it less difficult and less painful to breath. Inhaling the salt-saturated air destroys the fungus and bacteria.

Salt therapy has been very effective in reducing many symptoms that affect our health. Although treatments are most used to remedy lung-related disorders, salt has also been used to care for skin conditions, anxiety, stress, ENT illnesses and has been utilized to improve the immune system.

Also, Salt therapy helps all of us living in the Ohio Valley! Anybody have Sinus- related issues going on? Salt Therapy will reduce these Sinus issues! Yah!

You can watch and listen as Allison Clark shows us the Salt Cave in GypsySoul and explains the benefits of this therapy.