I think I used this phrase last week, but everything that's old is new again. I read the reviews for 'Fuller House' and they were not good. In fact many of them suggested the show is a waste of time. I say, NO! And why?

Let's get real, 'Full House' was never 'Seinfeld' or 'Roseanne', it was a stereotypical  sitcom that didn't take itself too seriously. I'm not saying those other examples were the same way, they just took the comedy writing more seriously. 'Full House' was cheesy and entertaining and its time slot, part of ABC's "TGIF Fridays" was perfect for the audience it wanted to reach, kids done with school for the week and they could watch it with the whole family. A side note, 'Dinsosaurs' was once part of the same lineup, and it was really bad, but me and my sister watched the heck out of it.

So what is 'Fuller House' like? Pretty much the same as it was over twenty years ago, only this time, the kids are all grown up. DJ is recently widowed with three kids, sound familiar? Stephanie, who is now a world-famous DJ who calls herself, wait for it, DJ Tanner, and Kimmy Gibbler (my favorite character ever!) is recently separated from her husband, and she has a daughter the same age as DJ's oldest, they all decide to move in and help DJ out. Michelle (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) is missing, but her absence is addressed a few times, very comically I might add. They are in the same house, which is perfect since it was a character all into itself at time, and the mayhem ensues.

Spoiler! Baby Tommy is the cutest! Another spoiler, they are cameos from Grammy winner Macy Gray and San Francisco Giants outfielder Hunter Pence; are they in the same episode? You'll just have to watch. I liked 'Fuller House' and if you loved 'Full House', you'll feel the same way. 'Fuller House' is streaming now on Netflix. "You got it dude!"