Modeling new Shaped by Faith inspirational shirts and going 'Over the Edge,' to help support Mentor Kids was not really in the plans when Brenda agreed to allow me to be her Health Coach this year. Funny how God works things out for our good to strengthen and mature us and those things usually take us right out of our cozy comfort zone.

Brenda has been stepping way out to say the least. She actually took a leap of faith when she recently rappelled off the Hampton Inn with me. You will have to listen to her share what this experience was like. I do believe she is ready for more tall buildings and rappelling!

I still laugh when I think about when I asked Brenda to be a Shaped by Faith Model in the recent photo session. "Are you sure you want me?" Brenda along with 5 other amazing ladies from the age of 22 and up to, well.... lets just say older, spent the day posing and laughing and having just a great time of fellowship together. Brenda could not believe how comfortable the other ladies made her feel and how amazing this opportunity was for her.

Before the photo session Brenda's photography rule for taking pictures of her was, "You can only take a picture from the chest up." Again, funny how God molds and shapes each of us to be who He created us to be. She has broken her own rule of photography and is allowing God to help her overcome her fear of the way she looks in pictures. She is no longer fearful of taking pictures. By the way, I think she looks absolutely amazing!

You can listen to her share some of the other new things she is doing when it comes to exercising and how God is helping her continue to step out in faith.

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Brenda was a basketball player years ago, so she wanted to demonstrate an exercise that they used to do as a warm up. We actually do this exercise in my classes and you can do the modification or just  go for it!

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