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USA Financial Radio Show

Hosted by WOMI-AM

The USA Financial Radio Show is committed to helping you plan first… and invest second. Whether you are planning for retirement, or already enjoying retirement, this show is dedicated to you. Each week, the hosts dive into a…

The Kristen Hagopian Show

Hosted by WOMI-AM

Tune into The Kristen Hagopian Show every Saturday morning from 10am until 11am. She will share dozens of easy, proven strategies on how to live a fantastic, luxurious life without breaking the bank! Kristen’s take-no-prison…

Wine Crush

The Wine Crush is a one hour dynamic, fast-paced lifestyle program that not only explains and demystifies the world of wine, but demonstrates how wine can be integrated with every day life. Host Laura Lawson is a veteran in the wi…

Talkin' Pets with Jon Patch

Hosted by WOMI-AM

Americans love their pets, and Jon Patch offers up lively, fun conversation about the animals that share our lives. Jon can help callers cope with medical and behavioral questions relating to all kinds of domestic animals. The pro…

Under the Hood

Hosted by Local Expert

A Fun Car Talk Show You Won’t Want To Miss

Call the show at 866-594-4150 with your car questions and  leave a message on our Listener Hotline.

We’re the car show with fun and free automotive repair and care advice from…

The Paracast

Hosted by WOMI-AM

The Paracast is a paranormal radio show that takes you on an amazing journey to a world beyond science, where UFO’s, poltergeists and strange phenomena of all kinds have been reported by millions. The Paracast seeks to shed …