Uh no!  It's not news that I am afraid of clowns, mustard, death, cottage cheese and Naomi Judd.  However, my absolute biggest fear on the planet is snakes.  Ugh!  Just the sight or thought of one sends shivers up my spine.  I literally cannot deal with them and go into full "soil myself" mode if I see one.  And this YouTube video freaked me out.  Did you all see this?  Some poor guy got quite a surprise when two snakes started to squirm down from his ceiling.  #LockMeInAnInstitutionNow

I would move.  I am serious.  If that happened at my house, I would call my friend Ryan Rutman and put that thing on the market in a second.  I would hire professional movers and exterminators and get the heck out of town.  That is maybe the most awful thing I have ever seen.  You thought Samuel L. Jackson cussed a bunch in Snakes on a Plane??  You haven't seen anything until your truly witnesses something like this!  No bleeping way!