Your BBB® is learning of more instances where people are being deceived into clicking on harmful links. Entities are trying to infiltrate businesses by claiming to be delivering a fax, sending a payment, needing a 1099 and other deceptive attempts. Individuals are being misled by emails, hacked Facebook accounts, accidentally typing .om instead of .com, fake rental ads and more.

Going to the wrong website can lead to having your computer files encrypted so you have to pay to descramble them, or it can lead to having a window pop up claiming your computer has a problem and giving you a number to call to resolve the issues.

Below are some of the warning signs to look for; think twice before responding to these bogus messages.

  • I don't recognize the sender's email address as someone I ordinarily communicate with.
  • This email is from someone outside my organization and it’s not related to my job responsibilities.
  • This email was sent from someone inside the organization or from a customer, vendor, or partner and is very unusual or out of character.
  • The sender's email address is from a suspicious domain like or

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