Kentucky football fans, once again, got really excited long about mid-October when the Wildcats were 4-1. At the time, that record included a win over a ranked opponent. At the time, that Missouri team was ranked 25th. The Tigers finished the season, ahem, 5-7.


The same record as Kentucky.

Well, there are Kentucky fans who are now ready to cut the cord on the football program. And it's not gonna be one of those "it's not you, it's me" break-ups, either.

No. For the fans in question, the blame lies with the Kentucky football program.

ALTHOUGH, there's speculation that the problems that led to a 1-6 finish for the 'Cats CAN be solved, if someone will just do it.

I discovered this whole "break-up" scenario in a somewhat humorous blog written by Ricki Barker at Kentucky Sports Radio.

And it's not just a disappointing 5-7 season that has fans upset. The whole reworking of Commonwealth Stadium hasn't sat too well, either.

Hey, we all know that Big Blue Nation gets more excited when basketball season starts. It just does. A given. No one's gonna need smelling salts over that revelation.

But that love for Wildcat hoops does show that Big Blue Nation LOVES sports and, yes, wants to see success on the gridiron.

I do too.

I mean, I am basking in the glow of my 11-2 Western Kentucky Hilltoppers and their Conference USA championship. And I can't wait to see their high-powered offense go after South Florida in the Miami Beach Bowl (although I wish we'd gotten a Power 5 opponent, but, hey...).

But it's time for Kentucky to turn a corner. Mark Stoops has good football in his blood. (His big brother Bob is about to try to lead the Oklahoma Sooners to their first national title in 15 years.)

So this can happen.

I'm guessing it better be next year.