Are you like me and love a good storm? I took one co-worker on the ride of his life!

I have a co-worker who may not like me as much as he did an hour ago! We were heading back to the radio station after lunch. I looked ahead toward the mall and saw some ominous clouds. So, do we go back to the station or get a closer look? He voted to pull into the station and I said, no way, let's check it out and of course, get pictures.

Here's the first picture from the car as we traveled down Frederica St. right in front of the radio station. Turn around now? No way!

Making our way a bit closer. I think the other car is braking and turning around to go the other direction.....but not us!

A little closer can't hurt right? Maybe this isn't a great idea, but I can't turn back now.

It's starting to rain so I think I will pull into a gas station to get more pictures from under the awning. He votes to head back to the station now. Wait. Did the storm just shift direction? And, the temp just dropped 15 degrees. I know that isn't a good thing. The air is feeling a bit weird now. Is there rotation in them there clouds? Okay, maybe time to head back now.

Barely pulled out of the gas station and I realize that maybe I'm not cut out to be a storm chaser and I know my Dodge Charger isn't as well. I may be able to out run a storm, but not the large hail that came pelting (some much larger than the picture shows) down on my beautiful car. By now my co-worker is looking at me like, are you nuts? Obviously, he doesn't know me well!

And, there's my house at the end of the road waiting for me, but the flood waters should have taken your co-workers advice and stayed at the radio station in the first place! For some reason, I think there will STILL be Storm Chasing in my future!