Gotta be honest, I've never been quite sure exactly what age group the millennials are. And the definition--get this--isn't exactly DEFINITIVE. Not kidding.

I Googled the word and was told that a millennial is someone who reaches adulthood "around" the year 2000. Depending on YOUR definition of AROUND, that's possibly a wide range.

They're what we used to call "Generation Y," which comes right after my crowd, "Generation X."

So, with that said, it looks as if Kentucky isn't exactly a happening place for millennials, according to a study done by

It seems that the reason Kentucky comes in at a ROBUST #42 out of 50 is because of its issues with high-speed broadband (bet that wasn't a reason 20 years ago) and its lack of nightlife and fitness centers.

But what about all the fitness centers that are open 24 hours, you know, at night?

One of the reasons given for Kentucky not ranking any lower was how cheap it is to live here.

You'd think something like THAT would bump us up a bit.

Oh well, millennials, if you love the nightlife, you love to boogie (and, ironically, most millennials won't get that reference), maybe you should head to the upper midwest.

They do great on this list.

Ah, those North Dakota hotspots...