Starbucks Offering Buy One, Get One Holiday Drinks
Those red Starbucks cups that were in the news earlier this week are set to fly out the doors.  The coffee chain is ringing in the start of the holiday season by serving up their specialty holiday drinks Buy One, Get One Free!  And, yours truly, is all over it!!
Starbucks to Post Calories on Menu and Next to Baked Items
Starbucks has announced that starting Tuesday, they will be posting calories for all their menu items on the menu and next to baked goods in the glass cases. There is currently no Federal law stating that restaurants have to post nutritional information but it is coming from the FDA in the next year…
Starbucks Employee Thought Lady’s Name Was Vagina
You know what they say -- when in Rome, do as the Romans do; when in Hong Kong, get called "Vagina" at a Starbucks.* That must be how that saying goes, because that's exactly what happened to a woman named Virginia who was visiting Hong Kong recently, and she wasn't too h…

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