Halloween will be down a couple of clowns this year. Retail giant Target is pulling creepy clown masks off its shelves and removing them from its online stores due to the recent clown threats across the country. What would Bozo do?

The decision was made by the company on Monday. People wearing creepy clown masks have been responsible for incidents/hoaxes in more than 20 states, including in Kentucky and in Indiana. In a few states, schools closed while investigators looked into threats of violence by masked clowns on social media. As recent as two weeks, ago a Bardstown man fired a warning shot in the air at a woman he thought was a clown.

Surprisingly, sales of evil clown costumes are up 300 percent from a year ago according to chain Halloween Express.

I decided to do a little investigating myself, almost all of the creepy clown masks available on Halloween Express' website are currently "out of stock". Just be careful folks!