There are going to be a lot of tributes to Prince in the next couple of weeks.  But they're going to have a hard time topping this one.  Last night in New York City, the cast of the revival of The Color Purple, led by Jennifer Hudson and Cynthia Erivo, absolutely belted the holy heck out of "Purple Rain."  This will give you chills from head to toe.

I had the honor of seeing this cast live when I went to New York City in March.  And, trust me, I had chills from the moment they walked on stage and tore into the opening number of The Color Purple.  And I had tears streaming down my face when they took their curtain call at the end.  This is pure talent paying tribute to pure talent.

Prince is missed . . . already.  But with performances like this (and the many more like it that will surely come our way), his legend will live forever.  The music icon will forever be laughing in the Purple Rain!