My prayers have been answered! My dreams have come true! And I had never even heard of this until about, oh, 20 minutes ago.

It's called EscapeEvansville!

Here's what it is:

Escape Rooms are set up and your team gets locked in one of them and you have to get out.

I LOVE this! I used to play this sort of thing in a computer video game and now I don't have to. And, in fact, the whole idea is based on a Japanese video game.

Anyway, you and your friends (I hope they're your friends if you're locked in a room with them) have to solve puzzles, crack codes, and find clues that will help you escape!


At EscapeEvansville, there are four rooms from which you can choose--Pirates of the Ohio, The Enchanted Library, Zombie Escape, and Taken.

Everything you find in the rooms will come into play in terms of helping you solve the mystery of your "imprisonment."

There's one in Nashville, too.

And if you clicked on that link above, then you already know how to book your adventure now!


Check out this video from KHOU in Houston for a preview: