I love my cat Oprah.  And, yes.  That's her name.  Really, I do.  She's fun to take naps with.  And I don't mind petting her when she jumps up on the arm of the chair and nudges my hand.  I love her so much that will actually change her food constantly because she's so darn picky.  And only love is an emotion strong enough for me to clean out a litter box.  Truly.  Because that is NASTY!  But, yes.  I do indeed love my cat.  But there are limits.  And, regardless of the fact that this bizarre new product called the Licki Brush wants me to, I am certainly not going to lick Oprah so she feels wanted, appreciated and loved.  Have you all seen this thing?

Uh, no.  I'm sorry.  But this is just weird and stupid.  First of all, that looks like something out of an Adam & Eve catalog and, second, I am not put that thing in my mouth and use it to lick my cat.  That's a fur ball and a routine psyche evaluation waiting to happen.

That said, if you're so inclined to want to lick your cat, like a cat, you can do so by CLICKING HERE!

But the way I look at it  . . . my cat Oprah can lick herself.  She does it every day and, sometimes, right in front of guests.  She can just have at it.