Angela Hatfield is the author of the new book, "The Life and Death in Adoption: How dying to self can mean life to many." Angela's book is a much needed book about the real life process of fostering and adopting children.

She and her husband Jeremy (Executive Pastor at Pleasant Valley Community Church) are advocates for children without parents. They are raising nine children of their own and are still finding the  time to inspire others to make the selfless choice to adopt.

"So many things are counter-cultural in God’s upside down kingdom. The true way to life is dying to self. To lose your life is to find it. When we make sacrifices to the glory of God and for the good of others amazing works of redemption take place. There is perhaps no better way to show Christ-like love than to bring a lost soul into your family. The Life and Death in Adoption celebrates these gospel saturated death to life cycles in adoption. Whether you are praying about adoption for your family, in the process of adoption, or have adopted already, this book will speak truth and love into your life." {Quote taken from}

Angela is blessed with many creative~talents, one of those talents is an artist, you should take a look at the artwork for the cover of her book.

I love Angela's heart for helping children and her love for the Lord. Her transparency was so evident during our radio interview. She is passionate about helping people understand the dynamics involved in the foster parent and adoption process.

In her book she writes, "As the Body of Christ, we must be transparent in our struggles while simultaneously proclaiming the goodness of God, His faithfulness during trials and the glorious hope of the gospel. As a mother of many children, through a variety of means, in my writing I hope to visit the vast emotional aspects of the adoption process, consider those drowning in parental trauma, discuss the various opportunities in a holistic approach to orphan care and laugh a little without fear of the future." {Angela Hatfield author}

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