If you know me, you know I love my football. High school, college, pros, it doesn't matter to me, as long as there's something going down on the gridiron. So, naturally, I follow a lot of people in the sports world on social media. One of those people is Texas Tech Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury. Sure, he is painfully handsome and seems like the coolest guy ever, but he's pretty much an offensive mastermind and that's where the real attraction comes into play. In a football sense, of course. (Wink, wink)

Anyway, a week or so ago he posted a video of he and his players at Texas Tech in support of the 22Kill Movement, which brings awareness to the fact that on average, 22 veterans a day commit suicide. People are doing 22 push-ups in honor of these veterans and encouraging others to support the cause. Well, the video made me cry and I decided to send Coach Kingsbury an email to say "job well done"!

So, I send the email to his assistant and didn't really think anything else about it. Until today when this happened...


A handwritten thank you note? For real? Well, let's just add Southern Gentleman to his list of things-to-make-other-guys-jealous-of, ha! Come to think of it, what happened to hand-written letters? When did they go out of style? No surprise here, but the coolest dude West of the Mississippi is rockin' that timeless gesture of thoughtfulness. Let's all jump back on board of handwritten notes. I'll be honest, it was pretty fun opening that letter, it's been a while since I've gotten one of those.

So, thanks Coach for taking the time to write letters to only the Lord (and your assistant) knows how many people this week, ha! And... my bad if I messed up on that Wreck 'Em thing, I'll work on that!