I will warn you right now.  If you are reading this to get an explanation, I don't have one.  All I know is this.  Over the weekend, Kevin and I were at dinner with our friend Leisa, who has what is likely the most bizarre collection of Facebook friends in the universe.  And, well, she's added to that collection.  She pulled out her cell phone and started showing videos of The Rockin Matthies.  Have you all seen these people?  They pretty much just dance around their kitchen, sing-along and grunt to some of your favorite country, pop and rock songs.  There's absolutely no way I can do it justice with words.  So, here you go.  I loaded up a video for you so you can watch one!


NEW VIDEO! Rockin matthies dancing to old time rock and roll !! LIKE - The Rockin Matthies

Posted by The Rockin Matthies on Saturday, January 23, 2016


As of the time I am writing this article about The Rockin Matthies (pronounced Math-ees), they have gained over 65,000 Facebook followers and their most recent videos are being viewed over one million times a piece. And there's even an official Rockin Matthies Fan Page.  Feel free to check them out.  But I feel like I should warn you, they're not for everyone.  Let that serve as my official disclaimer/warning.

But here's my take on Facebook's newest dynamic dancing duo. . . and, yes, I actually spent time going through their videos and exploring their rapidly growing Facebook community.  I don't know a thing about these two.  I don't who who they, where they're from, where they live, and what on Earth they're doing in these videos.  But I know this.  I laugh and cringe, simultaneously, when I watch their videos and I can never wait for them to end.  And, not for the reason you suspect.

Despite all the wackiness and the sometimes uncomfortable partner stunts, The Rockin Matthies actually have a brilliant sign-off line.  At the end of every dance, they each take turns pointing at us through the camera and challenging us to "Rock on!"  And, well, isn't that how WE should approach every single day?  In some bizarre way, we each should live life as a Rockin Matthies.