I'll admit the weather, though extremely rainy this week, has not been too bad. However, I'll still have to wear a rain slicker when I go out later. I'll pray for a week like this when it's 100 degrees this summer. It's just one of the struggles we deal with in Kentucky. 

Have you ever had to explain directions and used a landmark, such as a gas station or old school? Despite the invention of GPS, it's always good to have a back-up plan with the landmark directions. Is your house divided when it comes to the Kentucky/Louisville game? I don't have that problem, LOL.

If I'm adding to this Only in Your State list, I would add being a Louisville fan in a sea of blue. I still have some winter clothing out just in case we see the temperature drop.

What other struggles do we have as Kentuckians? I call it pop, you may call it coke.