I grew up in Owensboro and a lot of my memories are built around stores and restaurants that have long closed.  So, I decided to create a list of Ten Owensboro Businesses We Wish Were Still Open.  Take a look.  I have a hunch you'll remember and miss some of these too!

Here's a fun walk down memory lane . . .

#1- T Shirts Plus

The best!  There are plenty of graphic design and screen printing shops in Owensboro, but where else could you get a shot of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman or an image from the Dukes of Hazzard steam-pressed onto a t-shirt?  I loved 1970's television shows and T-Shirts Plus (inside Towne Square Mall) was the perfect place to get a souvenir shirt.  And, remember how those shirts smelled as soon as they were finished?  Awww .  .. the best!

#2- Dixie Cream Donuts

Now, I love the Rolling Pin and I am hopelessly devoted to their donuts.  However, as a kid, I loved and craved Dixie Cream.  We lived on the east side of the city, so Dixie Cream for us was a rare, but delicious stop.  Oh, and disturbing news!  This franchise still exists.  #BringItBacktotheBoro

#3- Masters Indoor Miniature Golf

I spent so much time at Masters when I was in high school.  It was the perfect teenage hangout.  Indoor miniature golf, concession stand and those ridiculously huge Nintendo games.  Remember those?  Back in the day, Nintendo made arcade-sized games that you could literally sit at.  I remember my friend Julie and I squaring off in a Nintendo tennis match that quickly became a fight to the death.  LOL!

#4- Duff's

Move over, Ryan's.  This buffet was genius.  It featured moving carousels of food.  You would simply take your plate, heard into a station like a Derby horse gets corralled into a starting post, and get ready!  The food came to you . . . rotating slowly on a gigantic, nutritious wheel of fortune.  I think about Duff's all the time.  Their mashed potatoes and gravy were freaking amazing . . . you just had to get the ladle back into the food before it spun away from you.

#5-Mazzio's Pizza

My friends Allan, Jeri, Caroline and Jill used to go to Mazzio's all the time.  We loved that place and the pizza was out-of-this-world.  But, I have news friends that will disappoint some of you.  Mazzio's is still in operation.  And there are locations in Georgia, Missouri, Virginia and a handful of other states.  So why did ours close???  I demand a recount!

#6- Goldie's Best Little Opryhouse in Kentucky

Oh, how we miss Goldie's Survivor!  A partnership between Goldie's and WBKR, Goldie's Survivor, in so many ways, was this area's premier talent contest.  It was equal parts American Idol and Survivor.  Our contestants performed, competed in on-stage challenges, and, ultimately, voted each other off the stage week to week.  It was awesome and Goldie's was the perfect venue for it.  Offering live music every Friday and Saturday night, Goldie's was a breeding ground for local talent.  And, of course, it was the home to Goldie herself . . . big eyelashes, big hair, big voice, big personality and big heart.  Though the doors to Goldie's closed years ago, you can still can hear the music every time you drive by the "flashing marquee."

#7- Baynham's Shoe Store

How brilliant was this place?  If your kids need new shoes, bring them to the place with live monkey!  When I was a kid, I didn't care what kind of shoes we got, I just wanted to shop at Baynham's so I could see the monkey.  And while I love the carnival atmosphere of places like Shoe Carnival and Shoe Stop, I miss the wildlife.  Nothing truly goes together like monkeys and feet. LOL!

#8- The Royce

Ask me about the time I was in college, went to the Royce to pull an all-night study session and  and fell asleep . . . at my booth.  Yep!  I woke up at 4:30am!  It was hilarious and uncomfortable all at the same time.  But The Royce!  Think about it.  Was there ever a restaurant in town with a more delicious and affordable breakfast.  Likely not.  And, you have to admit . . . there was just something about those Mel's Diner tables, the lattice work inside and that shady-ass, closet-sized bathroom that added to the charm.

#9- Burger Chef

Say what you want about fast food, but Burger Chef was the absolute bomb!  I will never forget being in there once with my friends Sherry and Jerry Crabtree.  Jerry ripped a gigantic burp and he got into so much trouble.  Luckily, we still got to eat.  The food was cheap and delicious and there were two mascots . . . Burger Chef and Jeff!

#10- Judy's

Because my mother's name was Judy, I always just assumed that she had something to do with the restaurant.  But, do you all remember this place?  I remember the hamburgers being amazing and I remember the restaurant hosting a burger eating championship.  Think Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest . . . only with hamburgers.  I remember watching this once and one of the contestants kept getting up to go puke.  It would have been really nasty if the food hadn't been so good!

If anyone has any photos of these places we would LOVE to have them.  You can upload them to the WBKR Facebook page!