We are talking about a very very expensive research vessel that is going to be headed up to the Arctic Ocean to begin some research.  The boat is supposed to be done and ready to sail here in a couple of years and it's not named yet and the owners want us to name it by using the internet.  So what should it be? 

Turns out there have been thousands and thousands of votes already and the one that is topping the list is the very inspiring, sail setting, ground breaking name of.... "Boaty McBoatFace."  Dang.

Could you imagine seeing this boat in the freezing waters of the Arctic?  Scientists risking life and limb and dodging ice burgs with the name Boaty McBoatFace plastered on the hull?

The voting website doesn't even work anymore because so many people wanted to vote on the boat name.... So many that it crashed the voting page and it still doesn't work.  I was looking at the story on CNN and couple other names on the list are "David Attenborough" or "Usain Boat" or my personal favorite "Big Metal Floaty Thingy-Thing."  We have some seriously creative people on this thing.

I'd tell you to go vote for your favorite name but the website doesn't work!!