Ah, fair food. Frankenfood, if you will. I guess it all got started when vendors began deep-frying everything from cauliflower and broccoli all the way down to butter and Kool-Aid.

So whenever we get close to the kick-off of the Kentucky State Fair, it's always interesting to see what the new weird thing they're gonna throw at us is.

It looks like tater tots will now be offered with your choice of THESE toppings:

Caramel, maple syrup, and marshmallows.

Personally, I think that sounds disgusting. But, then again, I don't like a burger made with Krispy Kreme donut, either.

When it comes to tots, give me ketchup or give me air.

You'll also be able to dive into nacho-style tots called "Totchos" and French fries smothered in pulled pork BBQ.

So, if you're the adventurous foodie, loosen your belt, don't eat before you get there and get ready to dig in to some of the most bizarre treats you'll ever eat.

Until next year, that is.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Don't forget the pineapple whip. NEVER forget the pineapple whip.)