I loved having my guest and friend Allison Truett on Shaped by Faith. We both go back many, many  years when we both worked as Fitness Instructors at the YMCA. Both of us got certified in Yoga together and this is when Allison discovered her passion for helping others through Yoga. Allison is a certified YogaFit Instructor and owner of Yoga at the Cottage. She is also the first and ONLY person to bring Aerial Yoga to our Community!

Since Allison has been practicing and teaching Yoga for a long time, I thought I would let her coach herself in the exercise segment. I wanted her to show everyone the King of all Yoga postures, Downward Facing Dog. Allison goes through the modification for this exercise, which is the Child's Pose to the more advanced Downward Facing Dog.

The health benefits of this exercise are amazing! Downward Dog helps stretch and strengthen the entire body. It also helps relieve back pain. Be mindful to listen to your body as you are doing this exercise and be aware of how your body is responding. You can hold this posture for 8-10 breaths or just a few breaths.

This exercise can be done anywhere, anytime, just make sure you are wearing appropriate clothes while doing it and that everything is covered:)

I loved catching up with Allison on life and what's going on in the Yoga community. She gave me a tour of her studio and we, Yoga at the Cottage and we did some Aerial Yoga together! This was my first time to actually take what I know from Yoga & Pilates into the air! We had a lot of Fun and the silk hammock brings a fresh, new approach to practicing Yoga!

I would encourage you to try something new, you never know, you may discover your passion!

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