Angie Ebelhar had a Merry Fitness time exercising with The Crowne Nutcracker!

We both had so much fun downtown at The Crowne shopping, laughing, talking and of course, exercising. Angie is the owner of The Crowne and you will be absolutely amazed at all the gift items her store carries. She has a little bit of everything from trendy cute clothes, skinny jeans that actually fit your body, candles, Kate Spade, Lily Pulitzer, Grace & Lace shirts (which I love!), Gracewear jewlery, faith based products, shoes/boots, Kentucky products, leggings/tights (her Yummy tights are another favorite of mine, I tested them out in my fitness classes:), shirts to wear under things and all kinds of accessories and specialty lotions and perfume and the list of what she offers goes on and on.

This girl loves to shop and I consider it a Ministry opportunity to share my LOVE of Jesus and exercise with others while shopping! Angie's spirit was up as she demonstrated a basic squat that we all should be doing to strengthen our lower bodies. She held on to the Nutcracker to modify the exercise since she was wearing some cute high wedges. Once she finished 15 repetitions she decided to do the squats on her own with the Nutcracker standing guard. Remember you can workout in your regular clothes!

We had a great interview and I hope all of you will listen this Friday, Saturday & Sunday at 8 am at WOMI 99.1 FM, 1490 AM or listen live online at -

Remember to Stay Active during the Holidays and have yourself a very Merry Christmas!