Rolling!  My niece Skylor saw this photo hanging on the wall at my mom's house and decided she had to snap a pic of it and post it on Facebook.  (She will be punished.)  Yes!  This was one of my senior pictures from Daviess County High School Class of '89.  And I found some other classic shots to share with you too.  #dork

First of all, I was looking for my other senior pic, but couldn't find it.  I only had a couple of proofs that I actually kept that year.  In one, I was smiling . . . with a mouthful of metal because I had braces.  Seriously, my mouth was basically a lightning rod.  And then there was this pic.  LOL!  Caution, I had the same sense of humor then that I do now.  And, during my senior year, I referred to this photo as my "sex god" pose.

Clearly, I had the sexiest jawline in my high school.  :)

While I was looking for my other "senior photo", I did stumble across some other hysterical pics from my final year of high school.  Look at this two-pack!

The photo on the left is a pic of me and my friend, Amy.  I believe this was homecoming.  And the pic on the right was taken with my friend, Jean.  I know that was homecoming.   I remember it well because we were "Dirty Dancing" (it was the craze, ya know) and a partner-lift went horribly wrong and Jean's knee ended up in my crotch.  I had to crawl to the sidelines and sit the next three songs out.

And can I just add that we had a homecoming dance in Fall and Spring and we apparently dressed the same for both.  And those mums!  Geez!  Even weed killer wouldn't get rid of those things.

And here's this beauty!

That's me and the rest of the cast of Daviess County's production of Grease!  I'll let you find me.  My hair is so tragic I'd rather not assist you in pointing it out.

Ah memories!  A fun a little Throwback Thursday to senior pictures.