"Smart Moms know how kids might grow up on Sweet Pickles!"

Who else remembers the 'Sweet Pickles' books? Each book had a letter of the alphabet with a corresponding animal character whose name started with a particular letter. Here's the commercial, with the 'Sweet Pickles' Bus!!!

I never had one, but hearing that jingle brings back memories. I was also disappointed I never got to see the bus. The most vivid memory I have, every week on 'Captain Kangaroo', he would read one of the books! Now this is some major nostalgia.

And who owns 'Goose Goofs Off'?

Hillary Wise

As the millenials say today, "YAAAS!" I loved these books, and I don't know if Zoey has looked at any of them, little does she know, Aunt Erin is going to go out of her way to introduce her to this one of a kind series. After all, they were aimed at the preschool crowd.