This is Tinsley Cowan and she is fast asleep in an empty t-shirt box.  The box is empty because folks around the WBKR listening have been chipping in to help give her the precious gift of sound.  Young Tinsley, who was born in August, is deaf and she needs cochlear implants.

Because those cochlear implants will cost about $100,000 per ear and the surgery it requires to implant them will max out the family's insurance deductible, Tinsley's parents, Blake and Nea Cowan of Clay, Kentucky, have started a fund called "Tinsley's Two Ears."  They have been selling t-shirts to help raise funds for their daughter's medical needs.  Recently, they had an amazing weekend of sales and found homes for 400 t-shirts!

In addition to t-shirt sales, the Cowans are in the process of organizing a walk/run benefit for Tinsley and that event will be announced at a later date.

In the meantime, you can check out the Tinsley's Two Ears Facebook page and order your shirt there.  Or you can make a monetary donation to the following:

United Community Bank

Tinsley’s Two Ears

54 Hearin St.

Clay, KY  42404

By the way, Blake Cowan works for Kenergy as a lineman and the Owensboro office serves as his home base.

As Blake and his family explain, "Any and all help is appreciated.  We know our sweet little girl is changing the world one day at a time.  And we cannot wait to see what she accomplishes with the implants."