In a time when there's political turmoil, questionable sportsmanship, civil unrest, senseless killings and crazy clowns, I'll take a story like this any time of the day! It’s the story about a high school quarterback that wins homecoming king only to give the crown to his good friend and team manager who has cerebral palsy. Here's your chance to feel inspired and yesterday they sat down and talked with Ellen and got a special surprise!

Although Max Akin, a star Texas quarterback is used to attention nothing could have ever prepared him for how one heartfelt gesture could have put him in the national spotlight. After he was crowned homecoming king, he knelt down and gave his crown to his good friend and fellow nominee K.L. Norwood. He is the football team manager and has cerebral palsy.

Moments like this are a much needed blessing and we thank these fine young men for making their families, community and school proud. Well done!