Craigslist is home to tons and tons of great cheap used items but it also holds some pretty scary, strange and down right WEIRD things that people are looking to get rid of to make a buck. So we decided to compile a few of them and see what you think.

This was a little more difficult than it looked.  We had to go through a ton of Craigslist sections to find the perfect items for this article and here is what we found.


Alright let's kick it off with a bang.  That is a breast pump and it's free.  I found it in the baby/kid section... I mean if you need one then there ya go.  Check it out

And now we are talking.  This is a purple leapord print corset for all you ladies out there.  It's yours for 10 bucks. Learn all about it here

This probably isn't the weirdest thing on Craigslist but its just strange that it's in the kids section.  This is a big ole barn full of hay.  Nothing says have fun kids like a hay bale!  Get more info!

This is a free house... well sort of.  The owner actually wants to tear it down and get rid of the wood but maybe if you ask politely he'll just let you live in it. ORRR.  Dismantle it yourself, keep the really big pieces in tact then take all the wood to your property and build it again.  Learn More

This one is for Chad.  He is also the reason that this is number one on the list.  It's a pair of clown wigs that can be yours for just ten dollars.  You can even take your pick from rainbow and yellow.  Nothing says health and beauty like these beauties. Buy them here.

There are about a million other things that could have made the list and a few that probably shouldn't be brought up!  But there is plenty of room for more of these types of posts.  Stay tuned.