In New York City last week, I was hungry and popped into Virgil's BBQ on 44th Street.  Naturally, I was quite surprised to see a very familiar name on my placemat.

How cool is that?  Old Hickory gets a shout-out on the Virgil's placemats.  Apparently, the folks at Virgil's know a good mutton sandwich when they taste one and they know Old Hickory has some of the best mutton in the country.  Love it!

And, I must admit.  Being from Owensboro (the BBQ capital of the World), I was a bit skeptical about trying New York City BBQ and "Southern-style" fixins.  But Virgil's served it up . . . and it was awesome!

Check out this plate . . . Pulled BBQ Chicken!

Or this one . . . Chicken Fried Steak (with a corn flake and saltine crust)!

Virgil's bills itself as NYC's premier Southern-style restaurant and, for my money and taste buds, it delivered!  If you're ever in New York City and you start craving a taste of home, you'll find it at Virgil's!