Looking for absolutely truthful, brutally honest restaurant reviews in the tri-state? Look no further than the Facebook page Tri-State Restaurant Reviews.This is an open forum page where people can say positive or negative things about their dining experience.

Now, as in all social media, once you post your opinions, others are welcome to chime in and respond. And, in the interest of all being good humans, I've put together a list of things to consider before posting...


1. Did you talk to management? Managers (usually) want feedback and can help make a crappy situation better for you. :D

2. Food is food - it's NOT always perfect or perfect for your taste. I cook every night. This past week, I made oyster stuffing. I thought it was disgusting. My friend thought it was the best thing he'd ever eaten. Seriously, it was DISGUSTING! Tell the manager.

3. Servers are people. I remember being left to work a New Year's Eve by myself in a double section at a popular steak house in town. I had two giant parties - like 15 people in each party - and four or five booths. I couldn't possibly keep up but I did the best I could. Some people were mad that they weren't served promptly and others took pity on me. Again, talk to management!

4. Was this one sub-par visit out of lots of great visits?

5. Posting that you had a bad experience is helpful to other diners but so is posting your wonderful, delicious, fantastic meal and service! Do us all a solid and let us know where to go and what to order!

6. Photos go a long way...