Brenda is down 46 pounds and is getting stronger and more fit every single day. She is learning to practice self-control when it comes to food choices and she is practicing discipline when it comes to moving her body. I can say that Brenda is definitely a 'Warrior in Training.' By the way if you are interested in a 'Warrior in Training' shirt check out my website

We talked about real life issues on Shaped by Faith and some of the Highs and Lows Brenda has gone through on her healthy journey. She talks about her recent vacation to Bay St. Louis Mississippi for a family reunion and how she had to stay focused when it came to eating and exercising each day.

While on vacation, Brenda even participated in  a local 5K as part of her daily exercise routine. Brenda gets real when we talk about what happened after she got back from visiting her family.

I asked Brenda what exercise she wanted to demonstrate and she immediately said, "Ball Slam!" This is a Total Body Exercise that anybody can do and its a great stress reliever! Brenda shows the modification and the progression. You can do 8-16 repetitions for 2-3 sets.

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