While the world was vilifying Steve Harvey for his gigantic Miss Universe gaffe, this new teaser for the Netflix series 'Fuller House' hit the internet. Seriously, is Kimmy (Andrea Barber) supposed to be there?

Naturally, I have feelings about this new incarnation of 'Full House'. I won't give away too much, but there will be no Michelle, how rude! Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who turned out to be way weirder than any of their co-stars, decided not to return for the Netflix series. However, everyone, and I mean even D.J.'s ex-boyfriend Steve, is back for 'Fuller House'. As this 2015-dance craze-influenced promo tells us, is that Kimmy Gibbler is still the gawky one and Stephanie Tanner (Jodi Sweetin) still has the moves. Here's a mix of her previous dance moments...love it!


All episodes of 'Fuller House' will begin streaming on Netflix on Friday, February 26th. Oh Mylanta!