has named the top places to visit in Kentucky if you're in to waves of nostalgia. And a lot of us are, right?

The list the website compiles actually names TYPES of businesses with examples for each type.

Its number one nostalgic spot is an ice cream or malt shop and the picture used is of our very own Big Dipper.

Hey, no surprise here, right?

The local icon is know far and wide--yes, I have friends from Louisville who don't miss the opportunity to visit the Dipper--so seeing it as an example of Onlyinyourstate's top nostalgia trip visit isn't a surprise.

Now, I want to check out the other ice cream/malt shops in Brownsville, Elkton, West Liberty, and Pulaski that were mentioned although a couple of those aren't quick drives.

But some of the other types of places that would invoke nostalgia, according to Onlyinyourstate, are waterfront walks, historic towns, and real candy shops.

Love that last one.

See ya there.

Click here for the complete list.