We've all been looking at south Florida in the wake of the Zika mini-outbreak down in the Miami area. So maybe we forgot about West Nile Virus.

Until now.

44News/WEVV reports that a sample group of mosquitoes collected in Vanderburgh County tested positive for the virus.

The next step is adult mosquito control, or adulticiding.

The Vanderburgh County Health Department will begin fogging the area in which the infected mosquitoes were found this Thursday beginning at 8PM.

The spraying should last until midnight.

The areas of concern are East Riverside Drive, South Vann Avenue, I-69, and South Rotherwood Avenue.

If there is any inclement weather, the fogging will resume the following day.

Everything I've seen regarding mosquito-born illnesses is backed up by what WEVV learned from Vanderburgh County Health:

Don't spend too much time outdoors between dusk and dawn; try to always wear light-colored clothing, long sleeves, preferably; and when using repellent, make sure it contains DEET, Picaridin, or Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus.

And, by all means--and this is probably the big one--eliminate the possibility of the reality of STANDING WATER.