Step aside, Kentucky. Step aside, Louisville. And Duke. And North Carolina. And so on... My beloved Western Kentucky Hilltoppers have nabbed a 5-star basketball recruit.

I have been jumping for joy on the inside since I heard.

Jumping for joy on the outside would require explanations in the bank or at the grocery store.

But, yeah, 6'11", 220-pound forward, Mitchell Robinson, is coming to Bowling Green in 2017 thanks to the sneaky-superb recruiting prowess of new head coach Rick Stansbury.

Stansbury came to Bowling Green after being an assistant at Texas A&M, where he helped nail down the No. 4 recruiting class of TEXAS A&M!

You know, the school where most folks have to be reminded what that round orange thing with the black stripes is.

Stansbury is a recruiting demon.

That does nothing but bode extraordinarily well for the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers, a team with a RICH basketball tradition that hasn't made real waves in the post-season in nearly a decade.

I feel that's all about to change and I, for one, am a very excited alumnus.