Cake for breakfast?  Absolutely.  Our good friend Patty MIllay stopped in today with some cake... but not just any old cake.. this is homemade red velvet.  Get the recipe here!

Patty loves making things simple and this is as simple as it could be!

2 boxes of white cake mix
2 teaspoons vanilla
1 oz almond extract
2 oz red food coloring
3 cans of white cake frosting

There ya have it.

Just follow the instructions on the box and mix the cake up as usual.  Patty suggests adding an extra egg for good luck.  When well mixed, add the vanilla and almond extract and blend er up.  She suggests turning off the mixer and adding the red food coloring... and be generous. Get 2 ounces of red in there.  then blend the rest slowly.

Pour into three prepared 9 inch cake pans.  Pat the bottom of each pan of batter to break up the air bubbles.  Bake at 350 for about 30 - 40 minutes.  Cakes are ready when the center is completely baked through.  Test with a skewer or a twig of baking straw inserted in the center to make sure your cake is done (skewer should come out completely clean).  Place the layers on a cooling rack and allow plenty of time for layers cool completely.

This thing is delicious!  Check out Patty's Blog and try out all of her recipes! Click here to check it out.